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Robin Hood Festival 2014

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2015 Robin Hood Festival
Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6
Opening Ceremony Blast from the Past What A Palaver Bill Brookman and Friends Peterkin the Fool No String Puppets
skirmishing Singing Plague Victims Falconry Display Medieval Maniax The Walk with the Hawks Medieval Maniax
Medieval Maniax Robert of Wentbridge Sloe Gin Billy of Loxely and Troupe Myal Pyper Falconry Display
Other Pictures The Sherrifs Birthday Bash Legends Group photo Helter Skelter Other Pictures Jousting
Nathaniel Bagshot Jousting The Trail William of Sherwood
Other Pictures Other Pictures Blast from the Past Other Pictures
Sherrif on ICE  
Other Pictures An Evening of Medieval Merriment
  Smile !
Twilight Tales
Open Mike Night
Day 7, Lots of rain and floods, it was not safe to drive to Sherwood

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